Hi! I am Brian. This is my little corner of the internet. A place to share applied chemical engineering knowledge, and other interests.

For something more official, see my LinkedIn profile.

The site is broken into three sections:

  • Knowledge Base – includes articles and how-tos on topics I find interesting.
  • Forums – a place for feedback and suggestions, questions etc.
  • News+ – contains everything else i.e. the blogger.

I am not much of a blogger, so most of the site’s content will be in the KB. Articles are written in sufficient detail so that core concepts are clearly elucidated, and any results are easily reproduced i.e. I try not to assume advanced knowledge on the part of the reader for any given topic. In support of this goal, articles may contain downloads, suitable references and/or additional resources for further investigation (where appropriate).

If you have something interesting to share, I am open to collaboration on this site or elsewhere (use the Contact form or connect with me on LinkedIn).

I just do this for fun :)